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Spending hours in front of your closet each time you have to leave for your workplace? Want to turn your present day closet of work clothes into something trendy? I understand you, girls!! Office clothes should not be boring.

Today’s working women have a long list of decisions to be made. One of those decisions is deciding what clothes to wear between the hours of 9 to 5. Today in the modern era we have a lot choices to select from and they are definitely good to enhance your personality and they would improve your productive appeal. Here at we have made a list of professional attire for women from which you can select and choose from and make the best professional impression out there. As it is rightly said ‘First impression is the last impression’ and we abide by it.

You have to understand that business attires can be versatile as well. A Casual approach towards our clothing would be fresh and lively but one should never forget the basics because they are important. Roots are important as they express the fundamentals. So, we should start with the rules from the basics.

Now the basic woman attire involves Suits, pants, skirt, a shirt and pumps. It is quite simple and naive but people still make mistakes. So, let’s learn them first.When it comes to Suits one should avoid trendy styles and keep it simple. Jacket sleeve length should fall below 1/2 inch below the wrist and neutral colors like black, grey, brown and Navy are the essentials. When it comes to pants one should always remember capris and cropped pants are a big no. Pants are good for site visits. Skirts are good and they should not be too tight and high slits should be avoided. Shirts are the classical foundation of any good attire and they should be worn accordingly. The colors which should be prefered are white or light colors. When it comes to shoes one should avoid open toed shoes and sandals. Pumps are a good option and the heel should be from 1-2 inches. One should wear neutral hosiery or trouser socks to go along with the pumps. Stilettos or platforms are not a part of business attire. Now you know the fundamentals of the attire, let’s move to the creative part the casual attire.

When it comes to jacket they are versatile. One can wear a suit jacket with pants or skirt. Trendier or casual suits can also be considered. Dress pants and khakhis are also a good option and Capris should be avoided at all costs. Skirts have to be knee length and not too tight and high slits should be avoided. One can wear shirt along with cardigans and casual sweaters. One has to avoid open toed shoes and heels and flats should be acceptable. These are the rules which one has to follow when it comes to business dressing. Always remember the way you dress describes who you are. So dress wisely.

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